We have submitted the next version of Gauge Converter to Apple for approval and hopefully you will see that update soon. In this release we are fixing a couple of bugs and updating our code for the latest version of iOS. (primarily deprecated methods in Swift vs. Objective-C.)

Bug Fixes in iOS 1.0.1

  1. Knitters in parts of the world where number formats use something other than a period for decimal separation such, as a comma, were not able to enter fractional values when editing gauges. We've updated our input and output to use NSNumberFormatter which allows for locale specific number formatting. For example, if your region on your iOS device is set to Italy, Germany, etc... you should now be able to enter values such as "1,25" when you are editing gauges.
  2. When tabbing between fields in the gauge editor if you don't make any changes then the original values will re-appear. In some cases, if you had changed the value and then cycled through all fields again by tabbing across them using the "Next" button, your changed value would revert to the original value for that field. This has been fixed.

New Release Planning

We have started work on the next feature release for iOS and we hope you'll love what you see. The number 1 feature request we received during the beta test was for the ability to save multiple gauges. This feature and others will be added in the next iOS release. Stay tuned!

Cheers and happy converting!